Who Are

5th Dimension Earth?



Who Are We?

We are Olivia and Raf Ocaña.

We are Spiritual Change Makers.

We are supported by our Team, The Abraham and Jesus Collective full of incredible Non Physical Humans, including our amazing Higher Selves Adam and Ophelia, Abraham (Collective Consciousness) and Jesus (Christ Consciousness Collective), God and now many others.


What Can You Expect?

Incredible Healing. Leading Edge Insight. Spiritual Development Opportunities and Wonder. Spiritual Sports Science, Spiritual Science, Cellular Influence and Mental Health Clarity and Understanding.

Broader Perspective helping you to have the Ability To Understand and therefore Change, Evolve, Create more Consciously so that you have more of what you DO want, rather than continuing to Influence what you don’t want.

Change Is Constant

5th Dimension Earth is about true and lasting Change. Change for you, that you can Create within and exhibit outwards. Change for those who you lovingly Influence by your Change. Change for the Natural Physical world. Change within your Physical Body as you Influence your cells to a better feeling place. Change as you Enable Connection to your Non Physical Team, to Create the life you asked for before you became Physical Human.


Are You Ready?

The Vibrational Mastery that you can Create within your own life is determined by you, by Change within, by Connection within

A life no longer full of Fear but a life full of Love

A life where you live Now and Future Focused, not a life lived Vibrationally impacted by What Was

We are here to teach you how to Let Go. We are here to teach you about Vibrational Mastery

We are here to show you that Non Physical not only exist, but are here to lovingly support, help and Guide you

Connection to Non Physical is not for the ‘gifted few’ but something that each and every person has access to

The raising of the Vibration of this incredible planet starts with you

You are that important

You are that influential

You are that needed

It's Time to choose Love over Fear

It's Time to Evolve

It's Time to Remember