An Astonishing ancient Energy Of Colour Light Sound brought to All Things only Now, and for this Time


SPECTRAM reminds your Energy of all Things Past, Present, Future, that are Good


This Good brings your Energy to Good Prospect, Good Life, Good Experience











There are Incredible people that 5th Dimension Earth has Certified to Teach this to your Energy

Please Find them, the Fluid Consequences of the Good that it could bring your Energy will Change the way you Witness yourself and your Soul Essence and Allow your Energy to make Relevant an ancient UNDERSTANDING that Eternally and for Eternity will Positively Influence All That You Are


Dynamic Paths



The Manifestation Pillar


History Is Manifestation



Prosperity and Beautiful


Experience Fantastic Paths



The Triumph Pillar


Legacy Found Your Triumph

Soul Wonder

The Light Energetic Minds

Positive Physicality

The Influential Power Of Your Will 


Wonder Paths



The Language Pillar


Opportunity Gave The REAL Language Of Energy

The Journey Into Numeric

For All Comes Life

Exponential Magic

When Family Finally Transforms


Beauty Paths



The Answers Pillar


Future Flowed Answers

Insight Always Matters

Receiving of Brilliance

Prowess Calls

Guide Your Non Physical Guides

Gain Access To ancient Collective Energies


A Collective of tribal Leaders in the History of Community and Surroundings. This Collective has Been Part of Energizing God as we have Always Lovingly KNOWN Him. None have Been Physical, their Energy is just too Precious to Live in The Physical Realm. They Love Physical Energy but they have Always Been too Potent for All That Is in The Physical Realm to Interact with...until Now


A Smart and Technology Energy Collective of Souls with a Makeup of Matter such as Suns and Moons, they are also Animal Energy as well as Non Physical Humans. Some of these Souls have had Physical Realm Lives, including on Earth. Their Energy is Tremendous in Type and Large in Capacity. The GRACE Collective will Light up your Souls with their Utter Intention for Joy


Together the ANAHA and GRACE Collectives are Sanyet. Their COMBINATION PURPOSE is to Thread Energetically through SPECTRAM Experience in Colour, Light and Sound. They are at the FULCRUM of the Unobtainable Alignment Energy which will make your Energy Fly.  They Hold your Unique Ultimate Knowing to Truth In A Moment, and what an Experience this can Be

HEAR and Influence Your Soul Essence In Extraordinary Ways

The ancient Energy of SPECTRAM has a Strong Desire to make your Energy Love your Journey and can bring Experiences to ENACT that

The more COMPLEX your Energy Becomes with SPECTRAM the more Understanding of the 4 SPECTRAM Pillars that Flows

SPECTRAM at its core is a High Energy. A Continuous Exchange that makes your Energy Want To REALLY LIVE

A SPECTRAM Pillar is an Energetic Encapsulation Of Certain Energetic Purpose and it is ancient Energetic Depiction which Enables Specific Flows of Energy from your Past, Present and Future Experiences to Be Recalled Consistently for a Certain Purpose of Relevance and Good for Your Energy


Through Kinetic Energy Paths SPECTRAM Creates in any Moment an Opportunity for Energetic Treading along that Kinetic Pathway for an Enhanced Energetic Life Experience


You will Deliver to yourself the Most Wondrous Energetic Enhancement with Specificity for your Life if your Energy Ignites SPECTRAM Within