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 Higher Self and Guides Intensive Online Workshop

Sunday October 27th 10am CET – 4pm CET Zoom Webinar

  • Do you want to know what a Higher Self is and the name of your own precious Higher Self, how to connect to him or her and to be able to receive a message from them before the end of the Workshop?

  • Do you want to understand how to Tune to your Higher Self in order to receive him or her more fully?

  • Do you want to become energetically aligned and ready to receive from your Non Physical Team, not just for healing but to guide you in your business, your projects and innovations?

  • Do you want to learn what your Sacred Place is and how to energetically get there?

  • Do you want to learn how to stay hyperconnected to your Non Physical Team?

  • Do you want to know about Dimensions and what energetically connecting to different Dimensions means and how it works?

  • Do you want to learn how your Soul Energy Expands?

  • Do you want to know how to tap into your unique abilities, flowing through you from your Higher Self?


Session 1- All about your Higher Self


Truly understand who your Higher Self is and the difference between your Soul and your Higher Self. For those who are so wanting to connect, learn how to do this by a unique connection energy practice which connects you fully to your Higher Self. You will be able to access this and continue to use it on replay whenever you like.

Learn how you can Tune to your Higher Self, all the different ways and see some practical ‘Live’ examples of this from Liv and Raf.

Connect to the benefits of evolving this relationship, what it means for you and also what it means for your Higher Self and the Multiverse.

For each of those attending who do not yet know their Higher Self’s name, this will be given via email after the Webinar.


Session 2 - Your Non Physical Team

11:45am - 13:15pm

Understand the difference between the types of Guides and who has been with you through your life and how Guides can change and evolve through your expansion. Specific names will not be provided at this time, but a full awareness and understanding will be covered.

Find out how your Guides try to ‘Guide’ you and how you can look out for the signs through your day.

Learn about Dimensions and your Sacred Place and how you can connect with your Guides and the difference between Universal and Multiversal Entities. An Energy Practice to connect you to your Sacred Place will be done Live and you can continue to use this as the sessions will be recorded.


Session 3 - Tuning In, Your Vibration, Your Energetic Expansion and Abilities

14:00pm - 16:00pm

Understand how to Allow Energy and Harness Energy. Some specific techniques will be discussed which you can try on the day and over time, continue to use. Learn how you can use the Universal Laws in order to further Energetically connect.

Find out how you can tune to your Abilities, how you can receive more guidance and clarity from your Non Physical Team. Learn to feel what working with Non Physical is like and how you can master any resistance you currently have.

Understand how common things get in the way from receiving and how you can get out of your own way. Learn how your Vibration impacts Translation from Non Physical.


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