Are You Ready To Let Go Fear? 

Everyone wants Freedom. Freedom to Live. Freedom to Be All That They Are.

It Starts with Freedom from the Past.

Believe Leads you to your Higher Self and Together you Let Go your Fear by Using 'The Believe Releasing Process'. The Believe Releasing Process brings you to Fear Labelled Memories that you Trigger Subconsciously and Directs you to the Reason for the Fear in those Memories. With the Help and Guidance of your Higher Self you can Relabel your Subconscious Fear to Love and in Doing so Trigger Love Emotions for what Used to Be Fear for you.

Change your Truths around Fear, even those Things that you may not Remember have Occurred from the Past - your Higher Self will Flow you to this. Align to new Love Labelled Truths and then Continuously Live those new Truths.

Love Labelled Truths around your Journey are the only way to Sustain Emotional Freedom. Do not Allow yourself to convice you otherwise.


Words from a reader of Believe:

"This book has blown my mind in terms of what this physical life here on Earth is all about. We are so powerful and we don’t even know it.

This book explains very clearly the way in which we can raise our vibrations to live a more fulfilled and joyful life just the way it was supposed to be when we were born.

Not only that but it gives you actual tools to use to release the crappy fears that are holding you back and deepen your connection with yourself.

It talks about the universal laws and what they mean as well as how to manifest BIG!

This book is a must for anyone who wants to truly LIVE a life not just exist. Thank you Olivia and Raf for writing this book and showing me the way, it’s opened up a whole new world (and universe) now everything makes sense!!!!"


Awakening is Remembering. Remembering who you really are and what you really Know. Believe is your Connection to The Self and to The Broadest Truth. Allow this book Believe to Connect you to your Higher Self, read it Together and Feel their Colour, Light and Sound Flow through your Soul as you read through Wondrous and Leading Edge Insight.

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Believe Accredited Practitioners

Allow yourself to be expertly Guided by those that Know how to Awaken and EvolvE. Our Believe Accredited Practitioners will never Mistranslate Guidance for you from Non Physical. They have been through what you are looking to Undertake, and that Matters. Are you Courageous enough to Work with someone that can bring REAL and Lasting Change?

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The 5DE Book Club Online - Believe Content

Have a Listen to what Other Members of The 5th Dimension Earth Community think of the book Believe. An Opportunity to Hear recorded sessions from Others that have Used the book to Awaken. This online book club is recorded in a Loving and humerous way by the Members, and with such honesty about their Journeys.

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As well as our Free Higher Self Programme we also supplement the book Believe with a Free Believe Online Programme. We tackle all of the concepts that Must be Understood from the book in simple to follow online sessions which can be viewed On Demand. Well what are you waiting for?

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