by Olivia Ocaña AND Raf OcaÑa

It’s time to start actively raising the Vibration and Consciousness of the planet to 5th Dimensional Living through the insight being shared at this time. Why now? Because you have been asking…

Remember. Time to remember. Remember who you are. What you have access to, what you already know but have forgotten. Time to connect in, return to you, All That You Are and All That Is. Time to Awaken. Time to Believe.

Are you wondering why those good feelings just never last? Are you trying so hard to ‘be positive’ but still find yourself fearing the alarm clock in the morning? Ever felt like there was so much more, but you keep searching? Look within, in fact LEAP within. This book is going to show you how.

Believe offers a blend of philosophical understandings about you, unique you, here in this Physical experience and all that you have access to in Non Physical. It completely demystifies subjects that have long been confused, sometimes mistranslated, sometimes vague and out of reach.

Understand Leading Edge Insight about your connection with the Multiverse, insight about the Self and practical Feelset Tools that you can apply to your life now, right now to make a difference right now.

The fundamental understanding within this book is about connection to your precious, precious Higher Self and how this connection can indeed help in your path to freedom. Freedom from the past, freedom from those cyclical and habitual patterns that plague you actively or which activate somewhat under the covers of your day to day life. Freedom to tap into new understanding and insight as you discover new Universal Laws never before been shared like this including; The Law of Truth, The Law of Balance and The Law of Desire.

Time to learn how to Manifest Big…and BIGGER! Time to tune into your Vortex of Emotions! From all of those attending the Believe Workshops, this information within this book is considered Life Changing. Let’s say this again…Life Changing!

Written by Olivia and Raf Ocaña and their understanding of living these subjects and the content within this book as they moved through their Awakening. None of this could have been achieved without the loving guidance and channeled understanding from their incredible Higher Selves, their Guides Abraham and Jesus (Christ Consciousness) as well as their broader Non Physical Team.


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