Are You Ready To Let Go? 

Everyone wants Freedom. Freedom to Live. Freedom to Be 'All That They Are'. Freedom from the past. Freedom to Feel Good. Freedom to enjoy Life. Freedom from Fear. Freedom to choose, Knowing it is from a place of Love. Freedom to say no. Freedom to say yes. Everyone also wants Hope. Hope that it will be worth it. Hope that Real Change can really occur. Hope that just Being is enough sometimes. Hope that things can be different right Now, in this moment. 

Believe teaches you how to Let Go by Using 'The Releasing Process'. This is a God Given process, not a new Take on an old topic. You work with your Higher Self to Help you to Let Go. What are you Letting Go? Low Vibrational Emotional Energy that you are Storing, that you are Triggering day after day even when you aren't Consciously Connecting to the Reason for it.


Words from a reader of Believe:

"I have followed Abraham-Hicks for 15 years and bought so many Spiritual, Law of Attraction and mindset books over the years I have lost count. But the Believe book is the most leading edge and life transforming of them all. It is jam packed full of brand new universal insights. You know when you have that feeling that you're 'coming home' because you feel the deep truth of the words that are written."

Hear From Liv And Raf About Why Concepts In Believe Are So Different To Anything That You Have Understood Before And Why Believe Is Calling You



Awakening is Remembering. Remembering who you really are and what you really Know. It means Connection not only to the Self, your Inner Being, but to the broadest Perspective of you and your Connection to the Universe through your Connection to your Higher Self and all that is beyond that, for those of you that want to extend it that far. And through this Connection to your Higher Self you will become more Aligned to the Truth of who you are and Truly Happy because of it.

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Allow yourself to be expertly Guided by those that Know. Our Believe Accredited Practitioners will never Mistranslate Guidance for you from Non Physical. They have been through what you are looking to Undertake through your Awakening. They WILL Set you Free if you Allow.

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If you're looking for supplementary information that can Help you on your Awakening and Expansion Journey as you read Believe why not join our 5th Dimension Earth Book Club Online. We have a group of Loving Souls that meet each week and discuss chapters from our 5DE Publications. If they are not currently reviewing Believe there will be a huge back catalogue of Believe chapter review recordings that you can just listen to. This is such a valuable Opportunity to listen to the Shared experiences of others and to Try and relate it to your own Journey.

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As well as our Free Higher Self Programme we also supplement the book Believe with a Free Believe Online Programme. We tackle all of the concepts that Must be Understood from the book in simple to follow online sessions which can be viewed On Demand. See this as your Opportunity to Find Emotional Freedom and Lasting Change so much quicker. Well what are you waiting for? All that you Desire awaits you. Click here to Go to our Free Believe Online Programme

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Words from a reader of Believe:

"This book has blown my mind in terms of what this physical life here on Earth is all about. We are so powerful and we don’t even know it. This book explains very clearly the way in which we can raise our vibrations to live a more fulfilled and joyful life just the way it was supposed to be when we were born. Not only that but it gives you actual tools to use to release the crappy fears that are holding you back and deepen your connection with yourself."