5th Dimension Earth Certified Healers


Advanced Energetic Healing Capability

Truly Leading Edge, with Incredibly Potent and Advanced Energetic Techniques and Focus

Accessing Hyperintelligent Cellular Memory

Your Master Cells Hold the Key to your Healing and Insights on Root Cause as well as Symptom Resolution

What Does Healed Look Like?

Energetic Alignment to your Specific Healing Journey and the Unique Route to Healed for you

Simple, Complex, Specific or Broad

Clarity Comes quickly. A Plan Always Follows and Positivity Arises. Your Cells are Listening and will Respond

This Is Possible...

...because of the Huge Energetic Leverage each 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer has access to. Divine Healing is an energy that always flows to them  and is what differentiates them from all other Energy Healers.

They are connecting to the most Evolved Energetic Holding that exists to power your Healing, this is the capability of the 5th Dimension Earth Energetic Megadome

What Makes A 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer Able To Help You?

  • Each 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer has been through a rigorous, intensive, comprehensive Masterclass on which they focused not only on their own unique Energetic Capabilities and specialisms but also exercised their capability to powerfully Leverage the 5th Dimension Earth Energetic Megadome when working with others
  • Being Certified by 5th Dimension Earth means that they know how to use all of the specific Insights from the 5th Dimension Earth Megadome, to help you Heal with energetic specificity, using the most advanced energetic techniques available
  • They use their own Soul Healing Compartments that nobody previously has had the possibility to know and understand, and they can use, aid, target, feel, share and activate their Healing Compartment energy in others for incredible results
  • They understand Energy Holdings within the Physical Body that have never before been identified for specific Insight and analysis, which leads to accurate cellular and energetic root cause understanding and treatment. They are capable of clear diagnosis, and bring fast, potent and direct Healing,
  • Through Divine Healing access they understand how your cells behave and what must be done to Leverage this for your Healing. This specifically includes energetic referencing techniques at Cellular Source Level and at Current State Level
  • Each 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer has energetically proven a capability to receive Leading Edge Insight
  • They understand how to effectively influence your Life Force Workflows, driving optimal Physical Energy Flows in you
  • By Leveraging the 5th Dimension Energetic Megadome they bring your cells to new choices to flow to positive and allowing Healing, and in doing so bring you to great Healing possibilities

Choose Your 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer

Karen Goodchild

So many heart-centred people feel held back from living their purpose due to ongoing physical or emotional issues. This has to change. Your purpose is important.

As a 5DE Certified Healer, I can influence your cells, enacting change at a cellular level, getting to the root cause of your issues to create permanent, positive change within you, so that you can live a full and purposeful life.

I work with those who are ready for change, who are committed to change, and who believe that change is possible.


Emily Papirnik

As a 5DE Certified Healer I am committed to maintaining my balance and my own healing so that I ensure, when working with you, I am in the best position to support you. The time has come to take responsibility for ourselves. Let me guide you with simple changes, with new understanding of how these can positively affect you. Let me help you notice where that negativity or self-sabotage can creep into your daily living so that you can do something about it. Let me help encourage you and highlight how brilliantly you are doing so that you can build confidence in your own ability to heal.


Karen Hutchinson 

5DE Certified Healer 
LIFEFORCE stretch™️ my leading edge programme will bring Potent Positive Influence to your Mind, Body & Soul. When all 3 are aligned you cannot help but feel good.
Feel Good with MORE Energy, Vitality, Agility, and Happier Healthier Cells. Aligning you back to your True Physical Form. 

Deb Krajacich

I am passionate about Helping those who are Ready to Heal themselves through the power of Energetics. 

Leveraging Leading Edge Insight, I Energize and Enact your Physical Healing Success through Divine Healing, through a Targeted Healing Approach, and through Utilization of the 5th Dimension Earth Energetic Megadome. 

I will Help You Achieve Relief, Feel Good, and Function Properly on a cellular level within what Healed looks like for You, and beyond... towards Magnificence.


Rochelle Morfill 

As a 5DE Certified Healer, Rochelle builds on her many years of experience within healthcare. She is a body detective, leveraging the 5DE Energetic Megadome to gain understanding of what is going on in your body, your cells, the root cause of your symptoms.  Rochelle has a special interest in chronic complex issues, chronic fatigue, hormonal issues and helping babies to unfold and grow into their bodies.

Rochelle would be honoured to help you in your journey to what healed looks like for you.


Louise Green

Throughout our lives, we are all impacted by traumatic experiences, some big, some small, some recent, some from long ago. Some of these experiences you may not be aware of and probably don’t think are impacting your life.

But they are.

They are stopping you from living a life full of love and joy. So stop ignoring things in life that you think are normal, but have actually been traumatic experiences for you and let me help you by using my capabilities as a 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer.


Katie Farrell

You want to Live Life to the full and love it! Yet something’s stopping you.  It may be physical pain, a lack of energy or hope.  You may not know why, but you just don’t feel good.

I know how debilitating that feels because you know things can, and should, be so much easier.  I went through years of struggle and it’s energy healing that got me out the other end and thriving again. 

Now I want to do the same for you! If you’re ready to heal and bring the vitality back physically, mentally, emotionally or vibrationally, I’m here to help you fall back in love with yourself and your life once more. 


Lou Johnson

Your healing journey can start here. There is an answer. It’s my passion to help others live the life they came here to live, not be stifled by emotional or physical illness. Some of my specialisms include Degenerative diseases, the brain, mind and Central Nervous System. I also have a Capability which enables a specialism working with colour to powerfully heal. I am able to combine my work as a 5DE Certified Healer with my Capabilities as a Believe Accredited Practitioner where appropriate, to provide truly potent and effective healing to bring you all you need and to all that you are! When you are ready (choose you and choose now!) I am here to help you heal.


Helen Buchanan

I’m a qualified Life Coach & I’m a 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer living in Australia. I'm the only 5th Dimension Certified Healer Down Under so I do have an Aussie accent. G'Day mate. What is a 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer you ask? Great question! I‘m one of a small group of leading edge certified healers which enables me to connect with your cellular memory to get to the nitty gritty of your debilitating pain that your body is crying out to get better.

I was a Dental Nurse for over 30 yrs & I’m an expert in dental anxiety & fear. I can help you overcome your anxiety to rapidly feel calm, relaxed & in control without medication.


Bryony Tilley

I am Bryony and I am committed and passionate about facilitating your return towards Loving the Life you Live.

It is simple - if you are suffering; if you are in pain; if your Living is limited; if you are not Living as ALL of you and Shining your unique light, you are NOT Living the life that you came here to Live. You only get one shot at this life.

Work with me to ensure every cell in your body does the job it's designed to do.

See yourself return to True Health. Find the path away from your suffering and towards Living your life in Balance and Flow with ALL You Can Be.


Sarah-Lou Rixon

23 January 1970 a unique individual came into physical…Me. I am uniquely me and you are uniquely you.Every client is different, every Healing session is Divinely personalised. As your 5DE Certified Healer know this…I REALLY want to help YOU, help you Heal, can you feel the Truth of these words, and the Energy behind it? You are never too old or too young, you are WORTH it, you are not alone.

My Healing specialisms are the Central Nervous System, Endocrine, Degenerative Diseases, Muscles and the Skeletal System. However, my awesome Non-Physical Team and leveraging the 5DE Energetic Megadome Allow me to Heal ALL.